BMW Patent: rear door with roof cutout for e-cars

BMW Patent: rear door with roof cutout for e-cars

BMW has patented a door concept that also opens up parts of the roof. According to the patent, the system is for electric cars.

Electric cars like to pack their energy storage into the floor of the vehicle. Where only the floor plate or a tunnel with the combustion engine provides height, sandwich floors are now being built here, which increase in thickness as the size of the battery increases. However, thicker vehicle floors also mean that the seats and rows of seats in cars are positioned upward – mainly at the rear. Particularly with sedans or coupes that want to score points with customers with a lower overall line or must lower the roof line backwards in favor of good aerodynamics, there is a conflict of objectives when boarding – tilting your head or Killing them results in rear entrants. BMW wants to combat this problem with a special door concept. In the patent, the Munich-based company addresses access to the rear of cars with two doors, as well as models with three rows of seats but only two doors on each side.

Easier access, more battery space

This creates a huge opening for the viewpoint. Developers get the required space from the roof area, which can then be opened up. The patent that the Bavarian carmaker submitted to the German Patent Office in Munich shows two approaches. This either combines a traditional door with a fold-up roof element or allows side door openings to run around the edge of the roof, thus opening part of the roof with the door. With the space obtained in this way, passengers can get to it more easily; The designers could do without additional recesses in the vehicle’s floor and thus energy storage. Conversely, the battery can increase and thus increase the range.

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Various types can be displayed

For sedans and coupes in particular, BMW prefers the version with L-shaped doors, as this eliminates the need for additional components in the roof area that only inadvertently raise the vehicle’s center of gravity. This point is less important for a van or an SUV. Additional flaps in the roof can be used here. It can open synchronously with the normal door electrically, mechanically or hydraulically. Depending on the concept of the vehicle, the roof flap may extend farther to the rear or to the front than the normal door opening. According to the patent specification, it is possible to manufacture roof elements similar to a sliding roof. This will save the height of the construction – not an insignificant aspect, especially with regard to garages.

However, the patent does not reveal which future BMW models can expect one of these door concepts. The Chinese electric model also shows that BMW is not alone with this door approach Human Horizon HiPhi XWho has already installed a similar rear door system.

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BMW has patented a door system for future electric models that is supposed to make boarding easier for passengers as well as create more room for the battery – better working on the body than making a toothed battery Is. However, it is not known if and when such a system will actually go into series production.

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