Boeing Receives Green Light For Repairing Flat Plane 737 Max

Boeing Receives Green Light For Repairing Flat Plane 737 Max

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has received the green light from the US Aviation Authority FAA to carry out repairs on aircraft of issue type 737 MAX. With approved improvements, the return route for air traffic is free, the US company from Seattle said. Due to a problem with electronics, the aircraft concerned were not able to fly until recently. According to prior information from the FAA, 106 machines were affected, of which 71 are approved in the United States. As a result, recent deliveries have come to a halt.

Airbus contestants warned customers about a possible defect and advised that the aircraft should be suspended until possible faults in the power supply system could be ruled out. American Airlines had then removed dozens of machines from service. The move was voluntary, the FAA did not have a start ban. Boeing later acknowledged that the problem was more widespread than expected, affecting components in many areas of the cockpit.

The American Aviation Authority previously ordered the repair of 737 MAX aircraft. The authority had published specific instructions to address the deficiencies.

In addition to jets in flight, Boeing has hundreds of 737 MAXs built so far from 2019 and needs to be delivered to customers as of now. After two accidents with a total of 346 deaths, the model series was banned from flying for nearly 20 months and only allowed back in the USA in November. The cause of the accidents was believed to be defect control software. Current problems were not related to this, Boeing assured.

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