Brexit: Every fourth citizen of the European Union in Great Britain feels that they have been treated unfairly

Brexit: Every fourth citizen of the European Union in Great Britain feels that they have been treated unfairly

Many in Great britain After the concern of EU citizens Brexi For their rights in the country. This is the central result Survey British Independent Monitoring Authority for the Citizen’s Rights Agreement (IMA), which includes about 3,000 citizens living in Great Britain Europe Inquiries were made. Most of them (96 percent) were EU citizens.

One in four respondents stated that they did not treat British citizens equally by public institutions. About half of the future fears such uneven treatment. In addition, many people are concerned about future problems with their right of entry or residence, as well as access to housing or health services.

“hostile environment”

About a third of the respondents cited lack of trust in the government as the reason for their uncertainty. Eleven percent saw negative effects in the Brexit process. Others said they considered their surroundings “hostile” (9 percent). One in ten is considering leaving the UK.

Meanwhile, the British government defended its actions against EU citizens who entered Britain without a valid visa as the country left the European Union for good. According to media reports, dozens of EU citizens were detained, for a few days, before being expelled. The Prime Minister’s spokesman said, “We are working hard to show the countries of the European Union and the people there directly on the border.” Boris johnson.

According to reports, EU citizens concerned had said, for example, that they wanted to come to Germany for anu pair jobs, internships or job interviews. Those who do not have the right to live in the UK will be removed as soon as possible, another government spokesman said, speaking to international journalists. Only if this is not possible within 24 hours, people can be taken to deportation centers.

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With Brexit, freedom of movement in Great Britain for the people of the European Union has ended. EU citizens who lived in the country before the end of 2020 can apply for the so-called EU Settlement Plan by the end of June. According to the British Home Office, 5.4 million applications have come so far, of which 4.9 million have already been approved. The right of residence granted in this way is intended to give them almost the same rights as they did before Brexit – such as the right to live, work and access to the health system.

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