Boomerang Risen Expands Canada Program


wollstandig gamefts Now allowed to travel to Canada again. Long-distance travel specialist Boomerang Risen has therefore relaunched its Canada program. In addition to round trips in rental cars and mobile homes, there is also a new small group bus tour with German-speaking tour guides through Yukon.

as far as nature can see

Canada, Nova Scotia, Meet Cove (c) Tourism Nova Scotia / Tom Cochran

Endless expanses, impressive mountain panoramas, emerald green lakes and rivers and unforgettable wildlife characterize Canada, the second largest country in the world. The Canadian east coast is captivating with cities like Quebec and Montreal, the gorgeous Niagara Falls near Toronto, and European flair.

The west coast stands out for scores of untouched national parks, as well as the spectacular Rocky Mountains and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver.

Cowboy’s Visit

(c) La Rita Ranch

On a 15-day “Ranchland and Prairies” rental car tour, vacationers discover the cowboy culture and treasures of Alberta and Saskatchewan. In addition to the breathtaking mountain areas of Jasper and Banff, travelers can look forward to authentic cowboy experiences, with the mountain panoramas on the Icefields Parkway being particularly attractive. From La Rita Ranch you have two days to explore the landscape on horseback.

15 days round trip including flight to and from Germany, 13 nights in hotel, lodge and a farm, rental car with unlimited free kilometers and without additional fully comprehensive insurance, guided ride excursions and other tours cost per person 2,799 euros.

Whale watching and canoe tour in Eastern Canada

Canada, Nova Scotia, Peggy’s Cove (c) Tourism Nova Scotia / Patrick Rojo

Eastern Canada offers more than just freshly caught lobsters and beautiful stretches of coast. In Canada’s smallest province of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, travelers explore the famous Kejimkujik National Park, a surreal experience especially during the Indian summer, the charming Cape Breton on Prince Edward Island and the charming city of Charlottetown by canoe . During “Maritime Eastern Canada,” a 15-day rental car tour, hikes and whale watching on the Cabot Trail are also on schedule.

15 days round trip including flight to and from Germany, rental car with unlimited free kilometers and fully comprehensive insurance, 13 nights in mid-range accommodation, whale watching tour costs 2,359 Euro per person.

in a motorhome in the west of canada

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver (c) Destination BC / Thomas Hill

A vacation with a camper promises an exciting experience for couples and families. The proximity of nature provides many opportunities for all to experience the impressive landscape up close. In addition to countless outdoor activities, encounters with native wild animals on a trip through western Canada are not to be neglected.

The 14-day “Discover Canada with a Motorhome”, which includes flights to and from Germany, overnight stay in a transfer hotel, medium motorhome with unlimited free kilometers and fully comprehensive insurance, stays with up to four people The cost of 2,225 euros per. person.

Small group tour of Yukon and Alaska

boomerang travel canada
Canada, Alberta, Banff NP, Peto Lake (c) Banff Lake Louise Tourism / Paul Zizka

“The Best of Yukon and Alaska” is the name of a new 16-day small group tour that travels to the north side of the American continent and follows in the footsteps of old gold diggers and adventurers. Guests at Boomerang Risen experience an immersive nature retreat with glaciers, fjords and gorgeous mountain massifs in the Yukon in Canada’s far north. A highlight of the trip is a day trip to Denali National Park, which is home to many wild animals such as grizzly bears, wolves, and moose. With a size of approximately 24,000 square kilometres, the region is considered to be the largest, protected ecosystem on Earth. The national park is dominated by the 6,190-metre-high Denali, which until 2015 was officially called Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America.

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16 days round trip, including flight from Germany in a small group with a German-speaking tour guide, 14 nights in typical medium-class accommodation, ferry crossings through Prince William Sound, various excursions and tours, 4,699 euros per person cost from.

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