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Michel Jean’s Literary Production Offers an Indigenous Perspective on Canadian History

Michel Jean is an Inu from the community of Mashteyuts on Lac Saint-Jean in Quebec. In his literary works, he focuses on indigenous people’s perspectives on Canadian history.

New Release Michelle Jean: “Mican”

The novel tells the fate of three young Inu, Mary, Virginie and Thomas, who were taken away from their families in August 1936 and taken to the Fort George Boarding School in James Bay, 1000 km away, where they were forced to speak. They were forbidden to speak their language, they were just numbers and subjected to brutal attacks and sexual abuse at the hands of monks and nuns, whom they called “wolves” (Spell:) is designated.

In her novel, first published in 2013, Michelle Jean delves into one of the darkest periods in Canadian history, which has not really been tackled to this day. The discovery of a good 1000 remains of Indigenous children’s corpses in mass graves near former re-education boarding schools in 2021 and early 2022 gives a new timeline and explosiveness to this harrowing novel.

Macan: the wind is still talking about it

ISBN: 978-3-99029-470-3

Euro 21.00

Release date: September 1, 2022

Book Description + Cover

Wieser Verlag. in already 3 novels

In addition to “Miken”, two other novels have already been published by Weiser Verlag:


ISBN: 978-3-99029-470-3

Euro 21.00

Book Description + Cover

Atuk: They and us

ISBN: 978-3-99029-500-7

Euro 21.00

Book Description + Cover

The novels were translated from Canadian French by Michael von Killish-Horn.

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