Brazil breaks promise: Deforestation continues

Brazil breaks promise: Deforestation continues

Brazil broke promises
Rainforest deforestation continues

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most important carbon reserves on Earth. Nevertheless, illegal deforestation of forest areas continues – despite all assurances from the Brazilian government. The consequences are much more than a concern.

Contrary to promises made by the Brazilian government that has come under international pressure for a UN climate conference COP26, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon remains at record levels. In October alone, 870 square kilometers of rainforest were cleared, according to preliminary data from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), which evaluates satellite data. This is an increase of five per cent over October 2020 (836 sq km) and the highest value for the month since 2016.

Brazil, where the past few months have suffered in large part due to water scarcity and drought, has been assigned an important role in climate protection. The South American country’s proportion in the Amazon region, which is considered a significant reservoir for the climate-damaging greenhouse gas CO2, matches the size of Western Europe in terms of area. Right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro sees the Amazon region primarily as having untapped economic potential.

The Brazilian government announced in Glasgow that it would end illegal felling of the Amazon rainforest by 2028. At US President Joe Biden’s climate summit in April, Bolsonaro named 2030 as the target. “The data is a reminder that Brazil roaming the corridors and rooms of COP26 in Glasgow is the only one where land robbers, illegal loggers and gold diggers have government licenses to destroy forests,” it said in a statement from the climate think tank. said in. Observatorio do Clima”.

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