Moscow reports assassination attempt on Russian officer

Moscow reports assassination attempt on Russian officer

It is said that Vitaly Gura was attacked in his house. Not long ago, a pro-Russian local politician was allegedly poisoned.

According to information received from officials deployed by Russia, an officer of the Russian occupation authorities has died after an attempted assassination in the vicinity of the southern Ukrainian city of Cherson. “He died because of his injuries,” said Katerina Gubareva, the representative of the local authority, on Saturday evening in a statement to the authorities in the online service Telegram, deputy head of the administration of the city of Nova Kakhovka, Vitaly Gura.

The Russian news agency TASS, citing circles of captured officers, reported that the man had received multiple bullets in an “attempted assassination” at his home on Saturday morning.

Moscow also announced on Saturday that the head of the military administration stationed by Russia in Chersone, Volodymyr Saldo, was in an artificial coma in an intensive care unit in Moscow with symptoms of poisoning. He was admitted on suspicion of heart attack and stroke, but this suspicion was not confirmed. Doctors expressed suspicion that he had been poisoned. Read more about the case here.

Politics of “Russification”

Russian-controlled Nova Kakhovka is located on the Dnieper River, about 80 kilometers east of the city of Kherson. In recent months, several Moscow-appointed officials have been the target of assassinations in Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine.

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