Breathtaking and Triumphant: Horizon Forbidden West: Alloy’s Dangerous Journey West

Breathtaking and Triumphant: Horizon Forbidden West: Alloy's Dangerous Journey West

Looking West: Alloys in the Post-apocalyptic World of Horizon Forbidden West. Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Off to the “Forbidden West”! Starting this Friday, young Alloy embarks on new adventures in a hostile world in one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Fans have been waiting for Horizon Zero Dawn sequel for years. Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PS4 and PS5 on February 18th. Players once again embark on a dangerous journey with Alloy in a post-apocalyptic action-adventure.

In the foreign land, the “Forbidden West”, the young protagonist encounters aggressive mechanical creatures. She explores stunning landscapes, crumbling ruins and sunken cities. Almost half a year after the events of the predecessor, Alloy not only has to save the world from machines. Human opponents also oppose it. And last but not least, she tries to decipher many new mysteries.

a billion hours after the apocalypse

The expectations for “Horizon Forbidden West” were already huge. “Horizon Zero Dawn”, which was initially released exclusively for PS4 in 2017 and then found its way to PC in 2020, is considered one of the best action-adventures of recent years. Hermann Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, was recently able to announceThe first part of the series has so far sold over 20 million copies on both platforms combined. In total, gamers have spent over a billion hours on the title.

And gamers will probably spend a lot of time in a wider successor, too. Several hours pass before enemies are fought, the landscape is explored and the story is fathomed. But is “Horizon Forbidden West” really one of the first big video game highlights of the year?

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Big hopes fulfilled?

The wait was worth it. Many critics agree on this. US portal “IGN” Speaks of “a winning combination of gripping combat, first-class monster and character design, and a captivating open world”. Meanwhile, “polygon” writesThat the “beautiful and packed world” of “Horizon Forbidden West” is “breathtaking” exclusively on PlayStation 5.

What Dutch developer Guerrilla Games offers with its new title is “no less than unprecedented”, Means “Sports Radar+”, The story, gameplay, mechanics used and the world are all improved compared to the already great predecessor. For “Gaming Bolt” Alloy’s journey to “Forbidden West” is one of “the best games of its kind in recent times” and an “impressive achievement” in storytelling, game design and technology.

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