Canada’s top slot games

Online gambling is a big business in Canada, the industry brings in an estimated $31 billion dollars in revenue each year. This includes all types of games from poker and blackjack to roulette and baccarat.

Online slots also form a significant part of gambling revenue in the country, both online and in land-based venues. Those looking for online slots Canada can easily find a wide variety of slots options. On land, there are several casino establishments around the country home to hundreds of slot gaming machines.

As slot games have transitioned from traditional machines to online sites, a wider audience has taken interest in the game. One reason for this growth in demand for online slot games is the amount of choice in different themes and game types, there are themes to suit players with a wide variety of interests.

These are some of the top slot game themes that Canadian players can enjoy online:

Slot game themes

 Movie themes

Film geeks are often big fans of the slot games that are inspired by their favorite movie titles and series. One popular movie slot option is Jurassic Park, the Jurassic Park movies were part of a highly successful franchise and slot games with dinosaur themed symbols and the film’s iconic soundtracks bring a sense of nostalgia to players.

 Ancient Egyptian themes

Most online slots sites will have at least a couple of Ancient Egypt themed slot games, such as Cleopatra. These games use symbols of historical relics and Egyptian hieroglyphics. This theme is also popular in some other types of casino games.

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Horror themes

Horror themed slots are not just popular around Halloween season, these games are enjoyed by slot players all year round. Creatures such as vampires, witches, ghosts and werewolves add a spooky vibe and make an already exciting game a little more hair-raising.

Norse mythology themes

Another theme that you will find on almost every online slots site is Vikings and Norse mythology. Canada players enjoy immersing themselves in these historical titles and get to play with symbols reminiscent of ancient gods and fearless warriors.

Most players will not just stick to one type of slot theme, they will try to experience lots of different types and sign up to multiple sites in order to increase their range of game choice. New games are released all of the time and so players will never run out of new options to try out.

 What else makes slot games such a popular choice?

Another reason why online slots are well liked by casino game players is the incentives offered by many online operators. In Canada and many other countries, there are a huge selection of different online casino and slot game sites on offer and in such a highly competitive market, they must take extra measures to attract and retain customers.

One way in which online slot sites achieve this is through bonuses. For online slots sites, offering free spins is often used as a way of encouraging players to try out new games or two spin up for an account.

Another popular one is the deposit bonus; a deposit bonus is usually given when the site user signs up for an account and adds cash to their online wallet. There is usually a minimum amount that is required in order to receive the bonus and they also have minimum wagering requirements that must be met before winnings can be withdrawn.

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Part of the reason that slots games are one of the most played casino games is due to their simplicity. They are fast paced games with easy-to-follow rules and do not require much practice to get the hang of.

Other casino games like poker and baccarat can require a lot of patience and skill development before the player really has the chance to enjoy playing them.

However, being a simple game to play doesn’t make slots boring. Slot games have additional features that make the game more interesting and unpredictable.

What are some of the most common slot game features?

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are present in almost every slot game, and they are usually very good for players. A wild symbol can act as a substitute for another symbol and can offer the player a great chance of getting the winning combination they need to reach the jackpot.


Scatters are also pretty common slot game features. They are effective irrespective of their position on the reel, unlike normal symbols they do not need a payline or to occupy adjacent reels.

Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are common in slots and offer mini games within the game that give the player extra, unexpected ways to increase their winnings. The bonus round may be a different game or it may involve multipliers or symbol transformations.

As online slots continues to grow in popularity in Canada, online games developers will continue to work hard to bring new slots experiences to players.

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