Brexit: “Boris Johnson does not understand the harm done to himself”

Brexit: "Boris Johnson does not understand the harm done to himself"

SPIEGEL: Sir Ivan, Brexit is over and There is no disaster yet to report. Is it quiet now?

Rogers: To believe that would be naive. History has the annoying habit of just moving forward. It did not stop in 1973 when we joined the European Community, nor did it in 1992 with the Maastricht Treaty. Sooner or later, British politicians will remember that many of our best friends are in the European Union. Will this happen in the next 20 years? Probably right there. On the other hand: Who would have predicted 30 years ago that a conservative government would one day take us out of the European Union?

SPIEGEL: Will the British completely withdraw from Brussels now?

Rogers: opposite of this. From now on, London will have to go to great lengths to go through the meat grinder in Brussels and Strasbourg. This is not going to be easy, because after the last few years there is really hardly anyone in the European Union who wants to show great ideas to the British. But to make Brexit a success, London needs an eye and an ear everywhere in the European Union. Even if you only see your ex as a contestant, you still need to know what he is doing.

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