Bruxal region plant manufacturers win against large corporations

Bruxal region plant manufacturers win against large corporations

Comparison after seven years

This would have broken the neck of a medium-sized company: claiming a loss of 26.58 million euros from a large corporation. But the Bruxall-area entrepreneur has faced the worst situation after a seven-year legal dispute.

It was about a system in Wales: it was set up by a system manufacturer in the Bruxel region, followed by a seven-year legal dispute.

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It has something like David v. Goliath: a seven-year legal dispute with a large corporation, with lawyers from Regensburg, an industrial plant manufacturer in the Bruxel area. It is a British subsidiary of a German-Austrian group.

At least one settlement was reached and 95 percent of the claims were dismissed. This has been reported by the Regensburg law firm Graf und Partner, but BNN remains silent about the name of the local system manufacturer and their counterparty upon request.

What happened? According to a message from Regensburg, the plant manufacturer built an energy center in Wales for around eight million euros. British customers had complained about the efficiency of the system and withheld the final installment of wages of around 900,000 euros. However, German plant manufacturers were sure that there were problems in England due to insufficient fuel and improper maintenance.

The group hit back

After German lawyers successfully sued and enforced this remaining work remuneration in English courts, “the international billion-dollar company retaliated and sued the system manufacturer for damages of EUR 26.58 million. A demand that every German The medium-sized company’s tax advisors and auditors sweat off, because provisions alone for a fraction of the claim can lead to greater indebtedness and thus bankruptcy, “the message says truthfully.

Well, the comparison after seven years: 95 percent of the demands can be met. Therefore, it is yet to pay damages of 1.33 million euros. Looking back, it would have been cheaper to leave the last installment of wages.

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