Canada: Can a school principal be a fan of Iron Maiden?

Canada: Can a school principal be a fan of Iron Maiden?

What is a public school headmaster allowed to do in his spare time? If she, like Sharon Burns, principal of Eden High School in Ontario, Canada, is in the metal band Iron Maiden, she has fan accessories and pictures of “French Fry Fork”, and even the number 666. If some parents want it to be moved. A petition requesting transfer from the concerned parent was met with a copy petition by the other parent. Sharon Burns is allowed to stay. And continue to celebrate your love for metal and ska.

If you add to their self-description Twitter Believe me the public likes the rector Eden High School Music genres in Ontario range from metal and ska as well as chicken. While the chickens should really have cause for complaint, the trigger for outrage was the photos that showed Burns’ love for metal music in general and the band Iron Maiden in particular.

While Rector published pictures and posts on Twitter mainly for school and sporting events as well as food donations, for example, he had on Instagram Two photos of them from the band and a vehicle full of fan devotional material iron Maiden – Including the skull and number 666 – Published. that they use “”pomsgabel“Shaping by hand was too much for some parents.

they set a petition One to be promoted to Sharon Burns from Eden High School. Fortunately, a counter-petition from parents who didn’t allow themselves to be infected by panic about an alleged satanic headmaster quickly garnered far more votes than the original. Transfer petition surprised many people in which year We really live. Obviously in one where the job of a dedicated headmaster can be staggering because people fear the numbers outside their accounts and the French fork too far from the takeaway.

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