Canada: Co-chair of the abuse commission resigns

Canada: Co-chair of the abuse commission resigns

Former judge and co-chair of the Abuse Action Committee of the Archdiocese of Montreal, Pepita G. Capriolo resigned, saying that serious problems remained in implementing “archbishop-approved rules, policies and procedures”.

“I enter into my mandate as co-chair with genuine enthusiasm and hope that I will be able to drive significant change that will make the Montreal Catholic Church a model of transparency and accountability for victims of abuse,” Pepita wrote his letter of resignation to G. Capriolo, published as an attachment to the report of the ombudsman of the Archdiocese of Montreal. The ombudsman’s report was presented to the Archbishop of Montreal, Christian Lépin, on the same day.

She insisted that “a number of difficulties highlighted in the latest reports from the Anti-Abuse Commissioner” had led to her resignation. Two years ago, Capriolo signed a report on the handling of Father Brian Boucher’s case by officials from the Archdiocese of Montreal and Vatican officials. Their report made 31 recommendations to improve process management and accountability for abuse complaints. Capriolo served as co-chair of the implementation committee until his resignation.

“excusable delay”

Among other things, he recently put an end to the “inexcusable delay” before the dismissal of an episcopal vicar, because “the archbishop and two vicars general were alerted nearly three months ago to serious errors and breaches of confidentiality”. ” She said she was “outraged by the inappropriate behavior” of an official of the archdiocese who works closely with the ombudsman.

“I cannot continue to participate in a body that faces conflicting pressures that may come from individuals and bodies that are not privy to our discussions and do not share the same vision of the open, transparent church that is addressing this.” We do.” welfare of the most vulnerable people,” she said. In a phone interview with Montreal-based Presence Info, Capriolo confirmed that his decision was recent.

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Despite his resignation, Capriolo remains optimistic. “If the archbishop is able to do what he needs to do, he will be successful. And I will tell you why: because he has the support of the people, the believers. And I am always ready to help him if he needs me. But I cannot accept the present system anymore.

Archbishop Lépine has yet to comment on Capriolo’s resignation. However, in the press release accompanying the commissioner’s report, Archbishop Lépine said: “Capriolo’s input has been invaluable, first in preparing this comprehensive report and then in implementing the recommendations contained therein. To eliminate any abusive situations Significant steps have already been taken to raise awareness and provide training and mobilization programs for staff and volunteers working in the Montreal Catholic Church.

“We resolutely continue these efforts,” he added.

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