Michael Ballack criticizes World Cup expansion to 48 teams: FIFA “is about the money”

Michael Ballack ist ein Freund des bisherigen WM-Modus.

Michael Ballack has them Increased field of participants from 32 to 48 teams The upcoming World Cup in 2026 in USA, Canada and Mexico was criticized. “In the end, and let’s be honest, it’s about the money,” said the former captain of the German national team. Magenta TV, It’s about “creating even more revenue opportunities”. The 46-year-old said sporting competition is suffering from the pursuit of over-commerce. The World Cup is the best and biggest tournament in the world, “it should stay that way.”


This product is about football, Ballack explained. One should not lose sight of continuing to let the best teams play against each other in a tournament. So FIFA must keep questioning itself in the future. Football should be the focus of all change“, demanded the vice world champion from 2002.

Dortmund talent coach Otto Edo, who oversaw Ghana’s selection at the World Cup in Qatar, believes FIFA has gone too far. But many countries would also be happy to have the opportunity to participate in the World Cup, Addo said.

“If you’re honest: It’s always been business. The question is, who is allowed to participate in business?” the 47-year-old said. For those who have always been in “the business”, it is easy to say “we don’t want it when you are on the other side and rarely get a chance to be there.”

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