Ice Hockey – “This title is the most important”: Noimi Ryhner from Jug is Swiss Champion with Lugano

Ice Hockey - "This title is the most important": Noimi Ryhner from Jug is Swiss Champion with Lugano

ice Hockey

“This title is the most important”: Noimi Riner from Jug is Swiss champion with Lugano

Young Noomi Riner of the years talked about his third championship title, perfect teamwork and his future.

Noimi Rainer: The Lugano Ladies managed to improve in the playoffs with the championship trophy at Cornier-Arena.

Image: Lordana Gianetoni (Lugano, March 28, 2021)

Noemi Ryhner, you have just won your third championship title with the Ladies Lugano with a 3–1 final win over the ZSC Lions. What does this title mean in your first year in Lugano?

Noemi Ryhner: This is a special title, in an exceptional season with a great team. This gold medal means more to me than my last two titles. This is the first title I can say that I have actually contributed actively.

In qualification, Lugano was not able to explain forever, including losing three times to eventual rival ZSC Lions. However, the team did better in the playoffs. Was the key to winning the final semi-final series final against Thurgau?

I think so. It looked like a climb. And the last win against Thurgau brought back our slack and took us to the level with which we could beat the ZSC Lions in the final.

What difference did it make?

On one hand, a lot of small things that we have made a little better. On the other hand, our team’s experience definitely made a difference. In addition, we incurred lower penalties, while the ZSC Lions repeatedly received penalties at crucial moments. This is more likely to happen with the youth team.

You play in the “most successful hurricane line” in the entire league. Your line scored 60 percent of all Lugano’s goals. How easy is it to play with an extraordinary talent like Michelle Carwin?

He made it easy for me. I was able to benefit greatly from him, especially at our line pace. Both Raselli and Karvinen are very experienced players who have helped me move forward personally and finesse. In addition, Carvin is one of those team players who is always a role model with his attitude and advice.

Many jealous people undermine Lugano’s eighth championship title by exceptional talent. What do you think

I don’t see it like this at all: The championship title is a team success, even though our line has scored the most and often decisive goals. For a title it takes everyone from goalkeeper to goalscorer. An opponent’s shot must be blocked and play their own goal from defense to offensive. It takes more than just one player.

The season is not over for you yet. Preparations for the World Cup are still underway in Cham.

Yes, and without a break. I already trained in Cham on Monday evening.

The World Cup to be held in early May will be special. What do you expect What is your goal

it’s just that. We have two quarantine stages – one in Switzerland and one on site – before we can begin the final phase of preparation in Canada. I have high hopes from our team. Most of us have been able to train together throughout the year. We as “little Swiss women” also want to try to travel favorite.

And next season: Will you continue playing in Lugano?

If I stay in Switzerland, I will definitely play in Lugano.

Does this mean that you are seeing a commitment abroad in the Olympic year?

Nothing is currently planned. If something solid happens, I will definitely investigate it. After the Olympics, my goal is to play in Sweden.

So now there is no «congenital storm line» Carven-Raselli-Rinner?

I don’t think so, I think Mitchell Carvin will return to Sweden or any other top league.

ice Hockey

“This title is the most important”: Noimi Rainer from Jug is Swiss champion with Lugano

21-year-old Noomi speaks about her third championship title, perfect teamwork and her future in the Rhiner interview.

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