Canada has been diagnosed with “climate change”

Canada has been diagnosed with "climate change"

A Canadian doctor makes history with diagnosis. He diagnosed “climate change” in a patient based on his symptoms.

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  • In British Columbia, a doctor diagnosed “climate change” in a patient.
  • She was suffering from heat wave and had severe breathing difficulties.
  • This type of diagnosis has never happened before.

Premiere in Medicine! A Canadian doctor diagnosed “climate change” in a 70-year-old patient. But how does it work?

The Canadian pensioner came to Kootenay Lake Hospital in British Columbia with shortness of breath. According to the attending physician Dr. Kyle Merritt, climate is responsible.

hot summer in canada

In addition to poor air quality, heat waves may have contributed to breathing problems. Canada experienced one of the hottest in history last summer. Various fires followed long periods of heat. This further worsened the air quality.

The doctor told the Times colonist: “All her health problems have worsened and she is struggling to stay hydrated.” The figures of experts also fit: about 500 people in Canada fell victim to record temperatures.

Doctors blame climate change

This was the first time that Merritt attributed climate to a patient’s condition. He explains his reasoning as follows:

“If we don’t look for the cause and only treat the symptoms, we’ll fall back and forth. I’m trying to process what I see.”

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