Canada instead of Collm – Oschatz’s mountain biker Hermes Schade made his dream come true

Canada instead of Collm - Oschatz's mountain biker Hermes Schade made his dream come true

Hermes Schade was in Canada for a month – but it was no ordinary vacation for the 34-year-old from Oschachtz. He had two bicycles in his luggage overseas, as the avid mountain biker wanted to roar down the slopes in Whistler, perhaps the most famous bike park in the world.

Oh dear Hermes Schade proudly presented the medal he had not expected at all. But he finished second in the downhill race. and where? in Canada!

He went there on two cycles. No light stuff. Not so easy on the plane and on the bus and with backpacks and bags. “But I could at least sleep on the plane,” says the 34-year-old with satisfaction, considering the ten-hour flight time. He spent a month in Canada – in the land of beautiful landscapes. And it was they who lured him here. “I rode mountain bikes for years. And Whistler, a city north of Vancouver, is the perfect mecca for downhill-oriented bikers who want to jump big. In European bike parks, it’s only on the rise. But it is an absolute dream for every mountain biker,” says the former Oshatzer, who finally wanted to make this dream a reality.

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