Twitter Circle is now available to all.

Twitter Circle is now available to all.

Twitter Circle Provides These Benefits

thank you for Twitter Circle Users can share their thoughts, feelings, news and so on with a small, selected target group that they themselves have put together. Those who want to use this feature can easily access it from Tweet composer or sidebar menu.

You can also find the option to select Twitter Circle in Tweet Composer, Self Screenshot

Floating circle groups allow creators on Twitter to connect more closely with specific people and provide more or less exclusive content. The platform provides them with more flexibility and options to personalize the content. These aspects are also of interest, for example, to many people who don’t want to share their tweets with everyone on Twitter and prefer to address small groups. so explained related toTwitter Trust and Security Council member, in May:

LGBTQ+ youth often choose to create separate personal accounts to connect with people online who acknowledge their sexual orientation or gender identity. Twitter Circles puts the power in the hands of people on Twitter, a new way for them to control how they appear and express themselves securely online.

Not every tweet is intended for everyone, as Twitter already emphasized that when the feature was introduced. All users now have the chance to choose who can see the post and interact with them for each individual tweet. You can find out more about how to use this feature Check out our in-depth posts on Twitter Circle, The feature is available on Android, iOS and

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