Canada: Ranga attack on many churches

Canada: Ranga attack on many churches

Many buildings and monuments were painted red during demonstrations on Canada’s National Day. At least ten Catholic churches were attacked in color in Calgary, news channel CBC reported on Thursday.

The words “we were children” and “our life is valuable” (“our life matters”) were written on the doors of the church.

The protest action pertains to graves recently found in church re-education homes for Indigenous children in Canada, it was said. In the past few weeks, in rapid succession, Indigenous communities reported the discovery of the corpses of nearly a thousand children from Indigenous families near former re-education centers.

the church house

Most recently, on Wednesday, 182 unmarked graves of alleged indigenous people were found near St. Eugene Mission School near Cranbrook in British Columbia.

Between 1830 and 1998, an estimated 150,000 Indigenous children were placed – often forcibly – in reeducation centers in Canada. Many of these 139 houses were running churches. There the children should be introduced to the “Christian Civilization” on behalf of the state. Often they were not allowed to speak their mother tongue; Many of them were abused or abused.

expected in the vatican

In a face-to-face meeting, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently called on Pope Francis to apologize to indigenous peoples. The Bishops’ Conference of Canada announced on Tuesday that a group of Canadian Indigenous representatives will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican from December 17 to 20. It is about promoting “dialogue and healing”, it said.

According to the CBC, statues of British queens Victoria (1819–1901) and Elizabeth II were overturned during a protest march in Winnipeg. So both statues were in the park in front of the Manitoba Territory’s provincial parliament, where the protest march began in the afternoon.

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The British monarch is primarily the head of state of Canada. Canada was a British colony until 1931, and the state formally gained independence from London in 1982. So in addition to the Catholic Church, Great Britain is also being criticized as a former colonial power.

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