Canada seeks to tighten admissions with additional tests

Canada seeks to tighten admissions with additional tests

Like many other countries around the world, Canada now wants to respond to the new virus version and plans to tighten entry rules.

The new virus variant Omicron is already causing mischief around the world, and has been for some time. Many countries around the world are reacting with stricter entry rules or even border closures. Canada at least wants to avoid the latter, but in the meantime plans to implement new entry rules based on the US model. Additional testing and a quarantine after arrival were debated here till the end. as if from one Press release According to the Canadian government, this may happen soon.

Additional tests after admission

From September 7, Canada’s borders have been reopened to Europeans. Passengers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are allowed to re-enter Canada, provided they are fully vaccinated and present a negative PCR test prior to departure, a maximum of 72 hours prior to departure. Rapid antigen tests are not permitted. The current requirements may soon be tightened. Concerned about the rising number of infections in the new virus variant Omicron and large parts of the world, the country, like its US neighbour, is looking to tighten entry rules. Obviously one wants to apply the measures discussed in the United States to a certain extent. While the testing period before departure is only being shortened, another COVID-19 test is to follow after entry into Canada. It is not yet clear when and how this will be implemented.

In the coming days, all fully vaccinated passengers arriving by air from departure points other than the United States will be subjected to arrival testing. Fully vaccinated passengers will need to be quarantined while they await their arrival test results.

So far only one announcement has been made by the Canadian government. It added that all passengers accompanying the aircraft will have to expect additional testing after arrival and a quarantine in the coming days. However, if this strictness must be followed, travelers, even with full vaccination protection, will have to go into quarantine until test results are available. Meanwhile, it is not clear where these tests are conducted, whether they are associated with additional cost for the passengers, at which places the quarantine is to be completed and how long will it take for the respective test results to be available. Random tests are already being conducted on the newcomers. It is quite possible that this variant will be expanded. The respective test centers are already linked to passport control at airports.

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So far, only children under the age of five have been exempted from the obligation to be tested before departure. It is therefore conceivable that the new test regulation would also provide for this exception. All travelers should continue to upload their data and evidence to a health platform called ArriveCAN. Here they will also have to explain how they will react in the event of a positive COVID-19 test, where the quarantine will be kept and how the food supply can be ensured.

Conclusion on Canada’s plans

Canada’s borders have only been reopened to international travelers from 7 September. The first response was positive. The infection process at the site was also not directly affected. So far the prerequisites for entry are complete vaccination with a vaccine recognized in Canada and proof of a negative PCR test. These requirements are now to be supplemented by a further test after arrival and a quarantine until test results are available. When and how this should be done is still unclear.


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