Canada: Two dead and five injured after sword attack in Quebec

Canada: Two dead and five injured after sword attack in Quebec

On Halloween, an attacker killed two people with a sword and injured five others in the historic old city of Quebec, a Canadian metropolis. Police said they arrested a suspect early Sunday.

Police initially did not provide any information about the possible motive of the attacker. Police spokesman Etienne Doyan said the man wore a medieval dress and was accompanied by a sword. They stabbed their victims with knives. Police cannot provide any more information at the moment. All five were injured to varying degrees, but were not life-threatening.

Police previously told city residents in eastern Canada to stay home and close the doors on the online service Twitter. All five injured are currently being treated in hospitals, Doyon said in a press conference Sunday morning.

The suspect was arrested without any resistance

The suspect, who according to police is in his twenties, was caught near the port of Quebec and is currently in hospital for investigation. According to information from the newspaper “Le Soleil”, he wore fully black clothes and also wore a black mask. He was hypothermic and allowed himself to be arrested without resistance.

Police found petrol cans in his car. Doyon said he is currently unable to say whether the perpetrator knew the police or other suspects. Police said on Twitter that, according to preliminary information, there was nothing to explain that the suspect had acted for other than personal reasons.

Largely French speaking Quebec is located in eastern Canada and is the capital of the province of the same name.

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