Bear wants to cross the border from Canada, but is not allowed

Bear wants to cross the border from Canada, but is not allowed

A young female black bear caused entertainment on the border from USA to Canada in the middle of the week. The woman wanted to cross the border between Stewart, Canada and Hyder, Alaska (USA), but was stopped by border officials.

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Officials said that “a passenger tried to enter for unavoidable reasons”. One of the “unavoidable” reasons would have been the discovery of food, especially berries, such as Angelica Langen vom “Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter”, An organization that takes care of orphaned puppies, The Canadian public broadcaster, CBCAnnounced.

Bears are reared in winter

While the young black bear lady was still keenly researching border officials, they were already alerting Langen, who had been chasing the young bear on the radar for months. Langen had a trap and the bear was quickly “detained”. “She was so hungry that she was trapped within minutes. He thought it was just a wonderful place. “

It was later discovered that small bears weigh too little to survive in the wild. That is why he is now admitted to the “Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter” and is nourished there during the winter.

On Twitter, on the occasion of the current US election campaign, many users joked that Bear was trying to run away from the fear that Donald Trump would be reelected.

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