Canada: Woman thanks guard after being in jail

Canada: Woman thanks guard after being in jail

Langford –

Prison guards rarely receive warm messages, but now a former prisoner has thanked a prison guard in Langford, Canada – and given him 4.5 stars for his stay.

  • Woman writes letter to Canadian prison guards
  • She thanks the prison guards after being in jail
  • She carries a prison sentence after her imprisonment

Canada: Woman thanks guard after being in jail

After her arrest and several days in prison, a woman sent a thank-you card to the Canadian police, which the local police posted on Twitter on Monday (18 January).

Their special thanks go to “four prison guards who do a difficult job and are often not adequately appreciated by those assigned to them,” Card said.

Vancouver Island: Woman writes letter to prison and gives 4.5 stars

She was nervous while in prison in the city of Langford on Vancouver Island, but she applauded the woman, saying “how helpful and friendly everyone was.”

“You make a difference,” she continued to write in the letter, eventually rating her in jail with 4.5 stars.

Police did not explain why he was arrested for confidentiality reasons.

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Langford: Impressed and happy with police evaluation

The police were happy about the unusual card. The dispatcher made a real effort, it was great, local police spokesman Nancy Saggar called Channel CTV.

She could not recall any other case in which agency officials received such a thank you card from an arrested person.

On the front it reads: “If for any reason our aircraft runs into trouble, I will help you with your oxygen mask before it gets set properly.”

“We were very impressed and happy with our ratings,” Saggar said. Even in prison you have rights, and “we will respect them.” (Dpa / mh)

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