Canada: Women Thank You – Four and a half stars for police custody

Canada: Women Thank You - Four and a half stars for police custody

Canadian police are happy to receive the unusual card: after her arrest and several days in police custody, a woman sent a letter to the security forces with a four and a half star rating. Her special thanks go to “four prison guards who work hard and are often not appreciated enough by those assigned to them,” Card said, adding that local police published on Twitter.

She was nervous during jail time in the city of Langford, Vancouver Island, but praised “how helpful and kind the woman was”. Police did not reveal why he was arrested for confidentiality reasons.

Local police spokesman Nancy Saggar said the dispatcher made a genuine effort, which was very good Sending CTV. She could not recall any other case in which an agency employee received such a thank you card from an arrested person. The front reads: “If for any reason our aircraft runs into trouble, I will help you with the oxygen mask before it sets properly.”

The card sender gave the police four and a half stars, including a stinky smiley. “We were very impressed and happy with our ratings,” Saggar said. Even in custody you have your rights and “we will respect them.”

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