Mitch McConnell Accuses Donald Trump of Hurricane US Capitol

Mitch McConnell Accuses Donald Trump of Hurricane US Capitol

In the last hours of his term, it becomes lonely Donald Trump. One day before instead Joe Biden A longtime party friend of the outgoing US president also publicly addresses him with grave allegations.

Trump “instigated” the American Capitol on January 6 with other powerful people, the Republican majority leader in the Senate said, Mitch McConnell. “The crowd was lied to,” Republicans said, citing a crowd before Trump took the crowd to the Capitol.

With the Democrats, McConnell’s statements are likely to give wings to a successful post-impeachment process for Trump. He suggested impeachment last week as a result of the Capitol storm. According to the AP news agency, a vote in the Senate is expected in the coming days.

Trump’s condemnation by the Senate requires 67 votes, Democrats have a voting vote for the Vice President Kamala Harris Currently only 51. Therefore, more than a dozen Republicans in the Senate must vote for Trump’s impeachment. In the house of representatives Some Republicans had already opposed Trump.

Republicans could strategically support Trump’s impeachment

McConnell himself said that he had not yet decided how he would vote. He wants to hear the reasoning for Trump’s impeachment and then decide.

Some of Trump’s party friends could also vote for impeachment for strategic reasons. After a conviction, the Senate may ban Trump. It would deny another presidential candidacy in 2024.

Mitch McConnell is promoting new political alliances after breaking ties with Trump. He called for cooperation between Democrats and Republicans. The election was held in a tight majority in two congressional circles. McConnell insisted that the two were not given a “mandate for comprehensive ideological change”.

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Watching Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, McConnell assured it would be a “safe and successful” opening despite security concerns surrounding the ceremony. The outgoing president should hardly care now: Trump recently announced that he did not want to attend the ceremonies.

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