Canada’s loss: a matter of accuracy

Canada's loss: a matter of accuracy

After one point and one goal from two games, optimism among the DFB women is limited. The issue of accuracy emerged as the biggest drawback for some players.

National coach Martina Vos-Tecklenburg is at a slight disadvantage.
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The national coach was at a slight disadvantage. “We lost and I’m not quite sure why,” said Martina Vos-Tecklenburg after their 1-0 loss to Canada on Sunday night. It was the DFB team’s second game in the Arnold Clark Cup, the first game ending 1-1 against Spain on Thursday. One point, one goal – a record that does not cause any joy.

accuracy issue

But at least on Sunday it should have become clear why the German team could not agree against the Olympic champions from abroad. “We lacked accuracy,” said Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Sarah Dabritz, the biggest drawback in the German game. It shouldn’t have escaped the national coach either. “The topic of accuracy has been on our minds for a long time,” said Joti Chatzialexiu, sports director of national teams at the DFB.

Countless poor passes and coordination problems repeatedly destroyed the sometimes good efforts against Canada. Also due to the fact that Voss-Tecklenburg again mixed the staff of the game. A trick that didn’t work. But the national coach initially wanted to rest on the top players in her squad, who were no longer available after 14 cancellations. The reason that can stand in the way of success is because “the wind is a bit strong in this tournament,” Chatzialexiu says.

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In the European Championships, it’s about how we deal with the pressure.

It also became clear on Sunday that not all players on the current team should expect to be nominated for the European Championships in July. “We have a lot of good young players,” says Chatzialexiu. But: “In the European Championship it all depends on how we deal with the pressure.” In this regard it will be important that “key players” such as Alexandra Pope, Marina Hegering, Svenja Huth or Dznifer Marozson become available again.

Spaniards “the most complete team in the world”

The first European Championship group game against Denmark on 8 July should already be spectacular. After that, the Spaniards are again waiting for the German team. “The most complete team in the world”, as Vos-Tecklenburg puts it. “He has a different calmness on the ball,” registered Chatzialexiu.

However, at present the schedule of the match against the hosts is England. On Wednesday (8.30 pm) the German team meets the host nation of the Arnold Clark Cup. “We have to focus from the first minute so that we don’t get overrun,” said Eintracht Frankfurt striker Nicole Anomie. “We can’t allow ourselves too many bad passes against England if we want to win.”

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