Capri-Sun with a Difference: Cult Drink Now Available in a New Format

Capri-Sun with a Difference: Cult Drink Now Available in a New Format

For over 50 years, Capri-Sun has been sold in Germany in the coveted beverage bag with a straw. From now on, products such as About Drinks will also be sold in syrup bottles under the name “Capri-Sun Syrup + Vitamins”. informed of, Customers can buy products in multifruit, cherry, berry mix and orange varieties from supermarkets and discounters.

According to the manufacturer, the syrups are made exclusively from natural ingredients and therefore do not contain any sweeteners, flavors or colours. Plus, the products are enriched with vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, C and E as well as biotin.

Capri-Sun still in the form of a syrup: this is how drinks are mixed

Capri-Sun is now also available in syrup form.

capri sun

New syrups are sold in bottles of 600 ml. With a suggested mixing ratio of 1:9, it should be possible to get six liters, or about 30 glasses (200 ml). According to Capri-Sun, both still and sparkling water can be used.

According to the manufacturer, the bottles are made from 100 percent recycled materials. Julia Strachill, Global Brand Director at Capri-Sun, called the introduction of the syrup “another step on our sustainability agenda.”

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