“Chat for your eyes only”: WhatsApp announces update – Panorama

"Chat for your eyes only": WhatsApp announces update - Panorama

The web version should have facial recognition –
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WhatsApp would like to increase the security of its service with two updates.

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On the one hand, security has to be increased when using the desktop version: before that, the user had to scan a QR code from a smartphone to be able to receive and send messages to the computer.

As WhatsApp has now announced via Twitter, users should now log in through biometric settings as part of the update.

The instant messenger service provides facial recognition and fingerprint as an alternative. WhatsApp made it clear that both variants have not been seen by the company. Since the update has been rolled out since last Thursday, it should reach Germany soon as well.

The smartphone app is to be enhanced by another function that is supposed to provide more security: the “read later” feature. Messages should no longer appear suddenly on the screen, but recipients can set that they want to read the message later. WhatsApp first offered the archive function, although messages from archived chats also appeared on the display.

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With two updates to its web and smartphone apps, WhatsApp is pursuing the goal of registering and protecting personal messages from hacker attacks, with the motto “chat only to your eyes”.

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