Trouble about fries at Ikea: Würzburg branch removes fries from menu

Trouble about fries at Ikea: Würzburg branch removes fries from menu

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No more fries at Ikea?

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Würzburg – The buzz about this sign was hotter than french fries!

The operator of the local Ikea restaurant in Würzburg (Bavaria) said it no longer wanted to offer fries for reasons of climate protection. Blogger Boris Reitschuster (51) published a photo from the Ikea branch on his Twitter account.

The inscription read: “We intentionally do without the french fries” and further: “A portion of fries causes four times as much CO2 during processing and preparation as a portion of boiled potatoes.” Everyone can do something to reduce greenhouse gases by eating. Contribute consciously.

The Ikea branch in Würzburg is said to have justified the discount of chips with this sign.

Photo: Source: Twitter

After the photo surfaced on the Internet, lewd comments from readers started pouring in. The group then explained that the fries were not an integral part of the proposal anyway.

The company made it clear on Thursday that it was “an individual decision” by the Würzburg location, not a decision that applies to all German furniture stores.

Of the 54 Ikea stores, only the Würzburg and Bremerhaven branches no longer want to offer fries. BILD reporter Kira Ortmann even tested it at Ikea in Berlin-Tempelhof and behold: French fries were on offer.

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Nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked and eaten…

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