Coronavirus: Vaccination and cramps people should have more freedom

Coronavirus: Vaccination and cramps people should have more freedom

The federal government is preparing exceptions for vaccinated people

For those who have been fully vaccinated against Kovid-19 and those who have recovered, the federal government believes that there should be some exceptions to the enforced contact and exit restrictions. It emerges from a major issue letter agreed within the government on Saturday, prepared by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), with heads of government of federal states in preparation for the planned immunization summit this Monday is.

In the paper, which is available to the German press agency, it states, as far as accession rules as well as access to shops and certain services are concerned, people who have been vaccinated against Kovid-19 and who Have been recovered, they should be given. The same exception for the seven-day period. Time over 100 for those tested negative for coronovirus. However, no relief should be given when entering from the so-called virus variant regions.

“Scientific knowledge about the rate of vaccination and the risk of infection for vaccination, convocation and tested people will have to make exceptions to future protective measures in the future, depending on the development of infection status”, recorded in Key is. Issues government papers. However, compulsions of covering the mouth and nose or for long periods of vaccination, convocation, and distance tested will remain applicable for those tested.

In particular, it states that there should be exceptions in the area of ​​contact restrictions with vaccines approved in the European Union and for those who have recovered, especially in community facilities such as nursing homes. “Appropriate exceptions should also be provided in the area of ​​exit restrictions.” However, according to the federal government, exemptions for immunization and convocation do not give rise to the right to open certain facilities – such as museums or swimming pools.

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In the paper, which undertakes the formulation of a relevant ordinance under the Protection of Infections Act, it is clearly stated that relief and exemption for the people of certain groups are not meant to grant special rights or privileges, “Fundamental Rights Proper encroachment on “.

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambretcht (SPD) told “Handelsblatt”: “If it is certain that an immunization not only protects against the disease, but can also prevent further transmission of the virus, it should be taken into account in the measures. ” It is not a prerogative for vaccination, but a constitutional requirement. Lambrecht referred to the new regulation of the Infection Protection Act. According to this, the federal government was expressly authorized to grant “special rules, exceptions and relief for people who are expected to be immunized against coronoviruses”.

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