China suffering from scorching heat: power failure in Asia

China suffering from scorching heat: power failure in Asia

sSenior residents of Shanghai say that you will not remember that it was so hot at the end of August last year. The maximum temperature in the city with a population of 26 crores was 43 degrees on Monday afternoon. Air conditioning systems are running at full speed and drawing huge amounts of energy from the grid. But while only some parts of the night lights on the Bund coast have been turned off to save electricity in Shanghai, it is widening in many other parts. of china disaster out.

Because of the dryness In areas such as western Sichuan, the state is cutting power to factories and sometimes homes for longer than planned. The Sichuan government has now announced that there has been a sharp increase in electricity demand due to daytime temperatures often exceeding 40 degrees. Observers say that China’s interior has not been so hot and dry for the past six decades. Since July, rainfall along the Yangtze River, which runs from the region to the coast, has been about half the average, the lowest since 1961.

No power cut for the first time in China

Sichuan gets 80 percent of its energy from hydroelectric power. As a result, several companies in the sector report that the government not only cuts power as per its plan by last Saturday, but also wants to paralyze factories by Thursday. Thousands of production sites are estimated to be affected. In other parts of China, power has been cut in factories and homes due to drought in recent days.

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the country was already for months last year power cut to fight. At the time, it was primarily the government that created the energy crisis by abruptly shutting down coal production across the country in a completely unexpected way to achieve climate goals.

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