Comets: Seeing a spectacle in the sky – you can see it with the naked eye

Comets: Seeing a spectacle in the sky - you can see it with the naked eye

Comets: Seeing a spectacle in the sky – you can see it with the naked eye

Over the weekend, those interested can view the comet.

Photo: University of Hertfordshire/dpa

comet are related to heavenly bodies who have cast magic on many people. But it is rare that one of them can be seen with the naked eye.

It’s that time again next weekend. a comet Flies above Earth and can be seen by those interested. But for this the time has to be chosen well.

Comet: A spectacle will be seen in the sky this coming weekend

Comet C/2021 A1 Leonard was not discovered until the beginning of the year. This was the first discovery of a comet in 2021. Still, it was believed that it would be best seen in December – and that’s exactly how it should come.


More about the comet:

  • A comet or tail star is a small celestial body, usually a few kilometers in diameter.
  • They also usually develop a flashing tail.
  • The name comes from Ancient Greek μήτης komḗtēs, derived from μη komē.


According to “Vereinigung der Sternfreunde EV”, the comet is evolving as planned and has already been photographed with its tail up and observed with binoculars. But for observation you have to stick to a certain time in the best position.

Comet: C/2021 A1 This is the best way to see Leonard

“To see it, you need binoculars and you have to look right on the eastern horizon. According to the “Association of Star Friends,” the best observation time is between 6 and 7 p.m. But the comet won’t make a bright spectacle. .


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By December 12, its brightness increases so much that you can hardly see it with the naked eye under the dark sky. “With binoculars or binoculars, Leonard is an easy target and a particularly worthwhile subject for astrophotographers.”

On 12 December, it will be closest to Earth – about 34 million kilometres. In the evening, observers may try their luck again on the southwest horizon. After 12th December, it will keep coming closer to the sun and more strongly.”Association of Star Friends“Probably never returning to our solar system. (GB)

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