Comment on women’s street names. sword

Comment on women's street names.  sword

More roads in Shwete should bear the names of famous women – as there is an imbalance in the city regarding roads named after men. The problem lies in history.

The ancient concepts of gender allocation were: men do politics and move around in public, women manage the household and hide in private. Accordingly, there are names such as Aristotle or Plato that are known. The name Espasia would hardly have any meaning – even if he was a Greek philosopher.

And so it goes through centuries. Women live in their roles as mothers and housewives, men become musicians, athletes, philosophers and scientists. And because they have shaped history, culture and science through it, they shape public space to this day.

Knowledge of their existence should not remain in one place

There is not necessarily a reluctance to give stage to famous women. Rather, there is still a lack of historical processing of the existence of this being. And if this processing is given, knowledge of their existence remains in one place.

Women and their achievements have to be more visible in public places – it starts with descriptions such as street names. If a small index plate also provides information about the woman, then little awareness is created about her actions.

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