“Defensive equality”: no room for delay and prevention

"Defensive equality": no room for delay and prevention


For Joachim Valentin it is clear: In the Synod of Way, strategies to delay and prevent necessary reforms in the Church should be given as little space as possible. He wants a “defensive analogy”.

From Joachim Valentin | Bon – 05.02.2021

An approach activated in the middle of the third session of the Synod: How can this subject be avoided – it cannot be.

While I am writing this text, Karin Kortmann is reading the Synodal Presidium’s opinion on the subject of abuse, transparency, and cover-up, which clearly names current difficulties and “quite irritable” and “loss of trust”. Islands of Cologne, among others. It has also been clarified that “legal violation […] Everywhere, according to the law and in relation to the individual, “must be dealt with, that legal, historical, and moral reorientation is unavoidable for church management staff and that management staff must result in the event that serious mistakes have been made.” “Resignation is not a taboo.”

This makes it clear that they have decided to continue on a path that none of the German churches have so far, perhaps with the exception of the Würzburg synagogue, would have overcome the extraordinary internal church tensions built in recent decades is. But he also has religious merit, honesty, brotherhood in faith and an honest will to solve problems and repent.

Instead of accumulating new debris and unsolved problems on top of each other, like Walter Benjamin’s Angel of History, it is recommended to apply the complex final documents sorted by the four last synonym forums to the expected final documents in 2022 by 2022 needed. as soon as possible. And assistants at the levels of advice and decision-making, where they relate to good Catholic subsidies and decentralization desired by Pope Francis.

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In their initial announcement, the two Presidents of the Synod route said that the delay and prevention strategies, which had already been launched so strangely, as effectively launched in the first Synod in Frankfurt, were in a way Not to be given more space altogether “defensive synonyms” recorded in previously unknown clarity.

A process should not allow those who are believed to be involved in it, constantly trying to mold it into its foundation. The dictator of the absolute consensus that has been in vogue for a very long time, the concealment of apparent conflicts, ultimately gives power to all those in a bizarre 19th century church The church will never be reformed Explain, and thus make fun of, not only religious but all historical reasons.

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