Concealing Symptoms of Psoriasis – The Stylebook

Concealing Symptoms of Psoriasis - The Stylebook

Psoriasis appears as red spots on the skin covered with white scales. Read up on the stylebook to find out what helps against the development of skin changes and what options those affected have to hide psoriasis symptoms.

When someone suffers from psoriasis, it doesn’t remain a mystery for long. The finding is especially evident with markedly red areas on the body covered with flakes of skin. The disease is very difficult for many of those affected – they are ashamed and afraid they will be hated.

Celebrities with psoriasis can also be found in almost all areas of public life. Top model Cara Delevingne tells you that despite psoriasis, you can make the cover of Vogue. Other celebrities suffering from psoriasis include reality star Kim Kardashian, German rapper Sydow, American singer Leanne Rimes and actor Sky Du Mont.

Bad news first: Psoriasis can’t be cured. However, there are ways in which disease-specific recurrences can be kept under control and symptoms can be reduced and hidden a bit. Stylebook spoke to a dermatologist about the details.

Psoriasis: Causes and Symptoms

Psoriasis (technical term: psoriasis vulgaris, commonly known as psoriasis for short) is an autoimmune disease. The genetic predisposition has always been present in those affected; This usually occurs either during puberty or around the age of 40. The disease usually occurs in flare-ups, mostly triggered by mental or physical stress. This includes, for example, infectious diseases.

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Affected people mainly suffer from skin changes: flat red spots covered with flakes of whitish-silver skin. The background is the excessive production of new skin cells – supposed regeneration processes that in psoriasis are not triggered by any injury, but by pro-inflammatory messenger substances.

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When first diagnosed, psoriasis usually appears on the elbows.Photo: iStock/Helivideo

The first place where skin changes are visible is the elbow. Then more parts can be added on the arms and legs. The characteristic areas are still the scalp, buttocks and skin in the navel region.

Hands can also indicate psoriasis. Doctors note brown discoloration, so-called “oil stains” and furrows on the nails.

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treatment of psoriasis

“In many cases, patients think they have psoriasis,” says dermatologist Dr. Medicine Tim Goluk, “But it’s actually a different skin disease.” Therefore targeted treatment of psoriasis should definitely be preceded by a visit to a dermatological practice.


To treat dandruff locally, you need a prescription cream containing vitamin D. According to Dr. Goluk the so-called biological, that is, biotechnologically produced immunotherapeutics, aimed at suppressing the inflammatory processes in the body described above.

There are no beauty treatments that help

Many sufferers hope that special beauty treatments can help ease their symptoms or make them invisible. But unfortunately there is no such thing. Quite the contrary: Various treatments can also trigger psoriasis outbreaks. It is therefore strongly recommended that you discuss any application with your beautician with your doctor.

relaxation measures

Patients with psoriasis should try to avoid stress as much as possible. Easier than said, sure, but important nonetheless. It’s rare to flare up on a relaxing vacation, and especially when you’re in a sunny spot with access to the ocean. This tried-and-tested combination – saline bath and UV light – can be mimicked in so-called photo-brain therapy, which is now covered by health insurance companies.

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For individual psoriasis foci, that is, areas that are repeatedly affected, there is the possibility of laser treatment. However, this form of therapy is not suitable for large areas. It is also very expensive (and is not covered by health insurance).

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ways to hide psoriasis

Stains and indentations on nails can be hidden with nail polish or a professional manicure. Only makeup helps to hide the skin changes caused by psoriasis. In the pharmacy you will find special, skin-friendly products, which also have a special opacity. Raised spots can’t be completely magically removed, but they can be pushed into the background, at least optionally.

Important: Cream the skin well before applying makeup. This will ensure that it is as smooth as possible so that the product can be applied as evenly as possible. If the skin is very dry and scaly, the makeup will be noticeable. With the fixing spray you ensure that the masking maneuver lasts as long as possible.

, with professional advice Dr. Medicine Tim GolukDermatology specialist from Munich.

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