Concerns about Dubai’s Princess Latifah: Amir remains silent about his daughter’s whereabouts

Concerns about Dubai's Princess Latifah: Amir remains silent about his daughter's whereabouts

Concern for Latifah Princess of Dubai
Amir remains silent about his daughter’s whereabouts

Where is Latifah, the daughter of Amir of Dubai? In one video, the princess talks about her father being held captive after a failed escape. The United Nations Human Rights Office demands at least one sign of Latifa’s life from Amir – so far in vain.

The United Nations Human Rights Office is concerned about Princess Latifa missing from Dubai. The office asked the government to publish a sign of life from the woman, a spokesperson for the office in Geneva said. Wait for reply. The videos of the daughter of Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai, were released in the UK earlier this week. In it, the woman says that she was kidnapped. He is guarded by police officers and housed in a villa like a prison.

According to human rights organization Human Rights Watch, the woman is 36 years old. According to friends, he secretly recorded the video on a smartphone. Friends have now published the video as they say they have no signs of life for months.

Spectacular escape failed

Latifah dabbed rubber in February 2018 and tried to leave Dubai by ferry. It is said that he was intercepted and forcibly brought back by a special force off the Indian coast, his friends reported.

An elder sister of Latifa was kidnapped from Cambridge and taken to Dubai in 2000 after attempting to flee. Human Rights Watch asked for both to be released. A British court last year found Sheikh Mohammed responsible for the kidnapping of his two daughters and one of his wives in divorce proceedings.

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