No barriers to Xbox version according to producers

No barriers to Xbox version according to producers

According to the manufacturer, the Xbox version of the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV is no barrier.

According to Square Enix, an Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV is unlikely. Producer Naoki Yoshida said in a Interview century for The Washington Post.

In another interview, this time with VG247, he also addressed the topic. Yoshida first made it clear that there were no barriers to the development of an Xbox version of the online role-playing game.

The current assignment on the development team is therefore the only factor that stands as a variant for the Xbox console.

“The only factors are workload and order of steps. When it comes to the Xbox version, unfortunately, I can’t say much right now, other than that we can’t work on all the steps at once and we have to be on order to get on with these things “

Microsoft as a platform operator (now) does not obstruct the path of the developer. The producers praised the great collaboration with Phil Spencer and his efforts to relax some guidelines to bring the game to Xbox.

The bottom line is that the current assignment is to blame for the fact that you don’t have time for the Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV.

Maybe that will change when you implement the PS5 version and wind up again, because they also said:

“As we are currently developing Endwalker and producing a PS5 version that will follow the title’s service on the PS4, we would love to return to the Xbox version once everything is in place!”

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