Controversy over tax documents: Trump moves US Supreme Court

Investigation against Trump group: Trump refuses to testify

Thus: 10/31/2022 at 9:01 PM

Former US President Trump wants to use all his might to block the release of his tax documents – but has so far been unsuccessful. Now comes the last act in the tax drama: Trump moves to the Supreme Court.

Former US President Donald Trump is now going to the Supreme Court in a legal dispute over the issuance of tax documents. Trump’s lawyers filed an urgent application to initially block the disclosure of the documents by the US tax authority, the IRS.

The Supreme Court is the last chance for Trump to block the release of documents to a committee in the US House of Representatives. The former president has already suffered several defeats in the case – most recently in an appeals court in Washington last week. It ultimately rejected Trump’s request to halt the court-ordered publication of the documents.

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The Treasury Department of the administration of Trump’s successor Joe Biden last year directed the IRS to hand over the documents to the committee. Contrary to political custom in the United States, real estate entrepreneur Trump did not make his tax returns public as a presidential candidate or after moving to the White House. And to this day he tries to prevent disclosure. That’s why critics suspect he has something to hide.

If the Supreme Court decides against Trump, it can still expect a political turnaround: On November 8, a new House of Representatives will be elected in the United States. Should Republicans gain a majority in the Congressional chamber, the committee, under new leadership, could refrain from requesting documents.

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