Crypto tips, Raspi quick setup & Street View DIY | 37.8 Do not uplink

Crypto tips, Raspi quick setup & Street View DIY |  37.8 Do not uplink

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Quite a few crypto currencies have achieved a historic rise in the past few months – dollar signs blinking into the eyes of many. But the guilty conscience is also lying, as the relevant crypto currencies are currently burning too much fossil fuel; After all, the entire calculation process requires too much electricity – and it often comes from coal. In addition to sluggish computing power, there are other ways to ensure the security of crypto currencies, explains crypto expert Mirko Dolal. Also the topic: why Nvidia’s approach to artificially slowing down the graphics card via a driver is a problem for miners, but also for Nvidia. And: Where do you actually store cryptocurrencies?

Anyone who often uses a Raspberry Pi single-board computer will not appreciate editor Ronald Ickenberg’s suggestions. He explains an untouched function of the Raspberry Pi Imager, with which you can pre-configure the image of any operating system so that you do not have to enter a WiFi password for example. For example, the imager automatically obtains passwords from the system under Windows. After starting the Raspberry Pi Imager you can access advanced settings by pressing Ctrl-Shift-X.

Did you know that you can contribute photos to Google’s Street View? c’t’s editor Jan Mahn explains how it works: for example with an Insta360 One X camera – there’s an app that uploads 360-degree images directly to Street View. However, a little manual work is still required. Finally, the group discusses the meaning and nonsense of Street View pixelation and open source alternatives.

By the way: The 3003 YouTube channel has not started, the first video exposes the moves of the Wish smartphone forgery.

This time with: Mirko Dole, Ronald Eikenberg, Jan-Keno Janssen and Jan Mahan.

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