Women protest against killing of ex-servicemen

Women protest against killing of ex-servicemen

The Taliban have killed many people, including soldiers from the previous government, since taking power in Afghanistan. Now Afghan women protest the killings ,Then the Taliban stepped in.

in the capital of Afghanistan Accept Several dozen women protested the killing of former soldiers of the previous US-backed government. For the “mysterious killings”, as the internet rallied for, women committed radical Islamists. Taliban Responsible. Taliban took power in August Afghanistan took over, which would reduce young men, especially ex-government soldiers.

An AFP reporter said about 30 women gathered near a mosque in central Kabul. “Justice! Justice!” Like to shout! They drove a few hundred meters from the city before being stopped by Taliban units.

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The Taliban also tried to block journalists from covering the protest march. Taliban fighters briefly arrested a group of journalists and confiscated the equipment of the photographers. Then they deleted the files from the cameras and returned them.

The Taliban have banned unauthorized protests since returning to power. They usually intervene against rallies.

More than 100 Taliban killed

A few weeks ago the United Nations as well as human rights organizations Amnesty International And Human Rights Watch Reports presented that the Taliban have killed more than 100 people without trial since taking power.

“I want to tell the world and the Taliban that the killing must stop,” said protester Nazra Kohistani. “We want justice, we want human rights.” Participant Laila Basam read a statement that ex-servicemen and government employees were “directly threatened” and that the apology announced by the Taliban in August was not implemented.

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The participants of the protest also turned against discrimination against women under Taliban rule. Over the weekend, the government issued a new rule allowing women to travel long distances only in the company of a close male relative.

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