c’t 3003: Hacking Device Flipper Zero Hands-On

c't 3003: Hacking Device Flipper Zero Hands-On

Some speak of multi-tool hacking, others of Tamagotchi to hackers: When it was announced two years ago, the Zero pinball machine, designed in the Moscow hacking space, created not only sensation, but suspicion spawned: there was speculation from the start whether the product would be launched at all and whether it lived up to its promise; After all, there have often been crowd financing campaigns that turned out to be hot air.

Now Pinball Zero has arrived in the editorial office. Before detailed testing begins there, the c’t-3003 team produced a video with the first steps (see above).

The device looks pricey and comes with a display that is easy to read even in bright surroundings. Beautiful design with animated dolphin puts you in a good mood while hacking. In a quick practical session, the infrared transceiver was easy to learn and use to control equipment such as amplifiers and TVs. Other than that, hands-on worked immediately: Bad-USB function with Rubber Duckie-compatible script, computer remote control with Bluetooth (here the Pinball Zero pretends to be a Bluetooth keyboard) and NFC card reading.

Reading a 125 kHz RFID card or tag was not immediately successful. According to the documentation, Pinball Zero supports EM4100, EM4102, H10301 and Indala types. Various access cards were not recognized by Pinball Zero. The tests planned for the next few weeks will reveal whether it was due to the device or the card itself. Tests are also planned with iButton keys, sub-GHz radio system and GPIO interface.

not just pinball zero Firmware is open source, but so is the update program and iOS and Android apps, Although Pinball Zero has recently been delivered, there are already quite a few. community projects,

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pinball zero sold directly by the manufacturer And shipping to Germany and it costs about 215 euros including taxes. If you order now, the device should be delivered in August.

c no 3003 c does not have a youtube channel. The videos on c’t 3003 are independent material and are independent of c’t magazin’s articles. Editor Jan-Keno Jansen and video producers Johannes Bornsen and Sahin Erengil publish one video every week.

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