FIFA 21, News and Rumors: Is TTS Sure from the Premier League, Fundamental Changes for the Weekend League in FIFA 22?

FIFA 21, News and Rumors: Is TTS Sure from the Premier League, Fundamental Changes for the Weekend League in FIFA 22?

TOTS is set from the Premier League and the Weekend League may be shortened soon. All information and rumors about FIFA 21.

Latest news and rumors about football simulation FIFA 21 from EA Sports. All information and leaks in circulation come here.

Target tells you all about FIFA 21!

FIFA 21, News: Premier League team of the season has been announced

EA Sports released the Premier League Team of the Season on Thursday. It is available from Friday evening at FIFA 21.

Some stars from Manchester City, the sovereign front runner, will be there. But there are surprises too!

Here you will meet England in full!

FIFA News: FIFA 22 changes the name of the fundamental weekend league

The last team in FIFA 22 clearly has fundamental changes in the popular mode FUT Champions. Correspondence leaks were broadcast from the Twitter page @KingLangpard.

According to this, the Weekend League should be shortened, 30 games per week should then be history. However, the exact number of games was not given.

The prize for playing FUT Champions will also be adjusted according to the site. Players’ special cards are still part of the prize, but the bettering gambler must also obtain an improved version of the respective card.

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In recent times, the Twitter page has regularly drawn attention to itself with leaks, which eventually conformed to the truth.

FIFA 21, News: Bundesliga TTS Voted

FIFA players now have the opportunity to vote on the Bundesliga’s Team of the Season (TOTS).

TOTS players will receive a card in FIFA 21 that is well above their normal power level. Here users can choose their personal top 11.

Finally, 15 professionals should be included in the team, with the following Bundesliga players to choose from:


  • Casteels (Wolfsburg)
  • Gikiewicz (Augsburg)
  • Gulesi (Leipzig)
  • Neuter (Bavaria)
  • Ortega (Bewfeld)


  • Angelino (Leipzig)
  • Baku (Wolfsburg)
  • Brooks (Wolfsburg)
  • Davis (Bavaria)
  • Friedrich (Union Berlin)
  • Warrior (dortmund)
  • Gunter (Freiburg)
  • Hummels (Dortmund)
  • Sosa (Stuttgart)
  • Trimmel (Union Berlin)


  • Arnold (Wolfsburg)
  • Baumgartner (Hoffenheim)
  • Cunha (Hertha BSC)
  • Doan (Bielefeld)
  • Ando (Stuttgart)
  • Gortzka (Bavaria)
  • Griffo (Freiburg)
  • Kamada (Frankfurt)
  • Kimich (Bavaria)
  • Kostic (Frankfurt)
  • Muller (Bavaria)
  • Chicken (Leipzig)
  • Dani Olmo (Leipzig)
  • Sancho (Dortmund)
  • Stindle (gladeback)


  • Bailey (Leverkusen)
  • Gnabry (Bayern)
  • Holland (Dortmund)
  • Kalajadik (Stuttgart)
  • Kramarik (Hoffenheim)
  • Kruse (Union Berlin)
  • Lewandowski (Bavaria)
  • Andrea Silva (Frankfurt)
  • Wamangituka (Stuttgart)
  • Weghorst (Wolfsburg)

FIFA 21 The Week Team: TOTW 31 with Griezmann, Kimpembe & Company

Every Wednesday at 7 pm EA publishes Week’s new team at FIFA 21. Here comes TOTW 31 with Griezmann and three Bundesliga professionals.


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