Curiosity: Prenzlauer Silhouette on Canadian Wine

Curiosity: Prenzlauer Silhouette on Canadian Wine

Tobias Feibrandt immigrated to Canada. There he sells bottles of wine with the silhouette of Prenzlau on the label.


Tobias Feibrandt, who is currently visiting his country, was recently a guest at the editorial office of Uckermark Courier. There the stepson of Klaus Götzmann (“Wenschuen Götzmann”) told the whole story.

Tobias Fiebrandt has a bachelor’s degree in Viticulture and Oenology. Oenology is a field of wine production that deals with the pressing and maturing of wine. He later worked as the manager of a winery.

met in a baseball stadium

On a trip abroad, he met his future wife, Katie. “We met at a baseball stadium,” he recalls, his eyes still bright as he thought of that moment. “For almost a year, Katie and I have been in a long-distance relationship. We flew a lot during this time,” says the now 38-year-old with a smile.

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In 2015 Feibrandt moved to Canada, where he now works as an “assistant winemaker” for a winery in the province of Ontario. “We produce 2,000 liters of the Riesling Cabinet brand each year,” Vintner says happily, “the variety always sells out.” Selling German Riesling is a matter of heart. There’s also an interesting distinction, says Feibrandt, “While we have 400 years of wine-growing tradition in Germany, it’s just twelve years here.”

The idea of ​​a Prenzlau silhouette on wine bottles goes back to Fabrandt’s ties to his homeland. The label was designed and implemented by artist Melissa Proudlock. Katie and their two children as well as Prenzlau’s man found happiness in North America. “We have a girl and a boy,” he says proudly.

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