Curling at the Olympics: Italy loves Stefania Konstantin

Curling at the Olympics: Italy loves Stefania Konstantin

wooWhenever Stefania Constantini sent a stone on her journey to this Olympic curling tournament, she seemed immediately excited: the “buona linea” she called after each individual stone. The “good line”, a self-praise – but it also meant that his partner Amos Mossner didn’t have to put in too much effort with the broom to show the stone the right way, as he was quickly toward the intended goal anyway. was bent.

“Buona Linea” became an early-round dictatorship in mixed doubles, as only 22-year-old Stefania Constantini and her partner, who was four years older, made an unexpected triumphant march through the Olympic tournament: 9:0 was “round robin”. After the CC Dolomiti team’s impeccable record, a competition based on the motto “against everyone” – and then a sensational 8:1 victory over Swedes Almeida de Val and Oscar Ericsson in the semi-finals.

And that didn’t stop them from their successful course: on Tuesday in the final they beat Norwegian teammates Kristin Skaslian and Magnus Ndregotten 8:5 and celebrated their eleventh victory in the eleventh tournament game. It was Italy’s first Olympic medal in curling. Kristin Skaslian, 36, and her five-year-old partner Nedregotten had already won bronze at the 2018 Olympics, but they lost to Italy on Tuesday. They had already lost 8:11 against Italy in the preliminary round in Beijing and had nothing to oppose Stefania Constantini’s “good lines”.

As is the case with the Olympics, the often ridiculed outdoor sport of curling takes its place in television coverage, as it is played every day. And it so happened that the whole of Italy fell in love with one athlete – at least if you believe the “Gazetta dello Sport”.

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Stefania Constantini chases her game, still considered curious, with infectious passion and grace, and she forms a cordial pairing with Amos Mosander who clearly complement each other. Constantini was born under the sign of Aries, which is generally considered a sign of strong will. Her father was an ice hockey player, her boyfriend is an ice hockey goalkeeper, but Stefania also loved the ice stock game, a type of pre-school version of curling, as an elementary school student.

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