Good Opportunities for Mac Mini and New Apple Display ›

Good Opportunities for Mac Mini and New Apple Display ›

Considering the Apple event announced for yesterday evening, bloomberg— Writer Mark Gurman reported speaking back. Gurman supplements previous speculations with information from his environment and thus directs them as well. yesterday’s report An “Apple Studio” Mac and a new display in the direction we were already anticipating.

So the presentation of a new Mac mini at an Apple event titled “Peak Performance” is very likely. Gurman quoted sources as saying that the new computer is ready for use.

In this regard, the cards for the presentation of the second generation of Apple processors also seem to be well distributed. Apple has been intensively testing a new processor over the past few weeks with four efficiency and four performance cores, as well as eight and ten graphics cores. This detail covers the expectations in terms of Apple’s first M2 processor, which should then be classified in terms of performance between the M1 from 2020 and the M1 Pro and M1 Max models presented last autumn. The latter are equipped with eight performance cores and can rely on 32-core GPUs in maximum configurations.

Gurman also pointed out that according to his sources, Apple completed development of a new external screen months ago and it could be announced at almost any time. There is still a lack of clarity about the display data here, as while most Mac owners want to see an affordable external Apple Display, speculations about new high-end devices with resolutions up to 7K are currently doing the rounds again. .

“Our Idea of ​​Performance”

Gurman offers an interesting explanation of Apple’s nomenclature “peak performance” vision for tomorrow’s event. The word “peak” could mean we’ll see more details about this year’s expected high-end iMac and the upcoming Mac Pro. Incidentally, in German translation, Apple calls this phenomenon “our idea of ​​a performance.”

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Meanwhile, the presentation of a new iPhone SE and a new iPad Air is scheduled for tomorrow. Celebration Begins at 7 p.m. local time And, as always, can be followed as a live stream.

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