Microsoft adjusts Windows 11 minimum requirements: More CPUs supported

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Microsoft takes criticism, some older systems are supported 1 minute. Reading

The list of Windows 11 compatible processors will be expanded to include some older models. Even those who still don’t meet the minimum requirements should be able to install Windows 11 using a workaround.

At the end of June, Microsoft released Minimum requirements for the new Windows version And received a lot of criticism. Upgraded to Windows 11 At least 8th generation Intel processor 2018 or a . From AMD Ryzen-2000-CPU provided, which also excludes many users of systems that are not very old. with this TPM-chip (Trusted Platform Module), which is generally not available, especially in specially compiled systems.

Tools like WhyNotWin11 tell you if your system is ready for Windows 11

Microsoft is now responding to this criticism and Windows 11 changes requirements. The minimum requirements themselves remain largely unchanged, however, there will be TPM 2.0, UEFI Secure Boot, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space still needed. But, he Previous List of Compatible 64-bit Processors It is now expanding to include some seventh-generation Intel models (Intel Core X Series and Xeon W Series) and Intel Core 7820HQ. Expansion.

Microsoft also customizes the tool pc health check Which till now only indicated whether a system was ready for Windows 11 or not. In the future, users will also find out here whether they can meet the requirements simply by activating Secure Boot or TPM 2.0. It provides more detailed information on which parts of the PC stand in the way of an upgrade to Windows 11. open-source-program WhyNotWin11 by Robert Mehl.

But even those that still don’t meet the minimum requirements aren’t necessarily excluded: Microsoft announced that it won’t block the installation of Windows 11 on older PCs. For this solution, the new Windows version must be manually installed using the ISO file instead of Windows Update.

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