Current weather forecast for Racing in Canada

Current weather forecast for Racing in Canada

( – There are very important questions on every Formula 1 race weekend in 2022. Namely: What is the weather forecast? Can wet roads be expected at the site? Do you need intermediate or rain tires too? Or is it consistently dry and dry tires enough to qualify for the race from practice? In short: Sebastian Vettel and drivers around Mick Schumacher, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will have to be prepared for what?

The ninth race of the 2022 Formula 1 season will take place in Montreal


To be able to answer these questions, our editors keep a close eye on the weather at Formula 1 venues a few days before the start of the test or race weekend. And as the event progresses, this preview article will be updated with new information on the weather such as temperature in °C, wind speed, cloudiness and expected rainfall for individual days of the weekend.

The result is a weather forecast that is as accurate as possible for the respective Grand Prix of the 2022 Formula 1 season. All information is subject to change, after all, some motorsport venues such as Spa-Francorchamps or the Nürburgring are known to have particularly variable weather, which cannot always be accurately predicted. Undeclared rain may also occur.

Formula 1 will next take to the track for the ninth race of the 2022 Formula 1 season on June 17–19, 2022 in Montreal, Canada. (See the full 2022 Formula 1 calendar here!)

Current forecast for the ninth race of the season in Montreal (June 17 to June 19):

Again it goes across the pond, this time to Montreal. There we can look forward to the first Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve since 2019. The track is known not only for its high percentage of full throttle, but also for its unpredictable weather.

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The same was the case three years ago when Sebastian Vettel was forced to shorten the route due to the wet road surface to stay in front of Lewis Hamilton. The rest is known: Vettel was punished and lost the victory to the British.

Could something like this happen again this year? A look at the weather forecast tells us.

at least on friday In the meantime it can get wet. 88 percent chance of rain is very high and the sky may be cloudy with one or two thunderstorms. With the temperature between 16 to 20 degree Celsius, it will be quite chilly too. And the wind will also be a factor again: it will come from the west on Friday and reach top speeds of up to 52 km/h.

Friday to Saturday Night Permanent rain is announced, however, it becomes cloudy again in the morning. As a result, both the third free practice session and qualifying will take place under a cloudless, sunny sky. But it still doesn’t get really hot. The maximum temperature has remained only 19 degree Celsius.

During qualifying, the wind comes from the north-west direction and reaches 42 km/h at its peak. So drivers hit the wind in the opposite direction as well as on the main straight – not ideal at all.

race sunday Still a small grab bag. While the sun should be shining in the morning, light rain is possible in the afternoon at race time.

Then the temperature again hovers between 17 and 19 °C – so this must be the coldest Grand Prix of the season so far. The good news from the drivers point of view is that the wind conditions are exactly the same as on Saturday and will remain stable throughout the race. So you don’t have to get used to it.

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Hence it can be said that the external conditions during the race are not at all ideal. Even if it is not raining, some teams will struggle to keep the tires working given the low temperatures. So we can most likely look forward to an exciting, unexpected race.

Information: This forecast will be updated several times throughout the week!

First forecast for the following races at Silverstone (07/03/2022):

The British Grand Prix season at Silverstone, England has always been a pinata. Statistically, the sky on the route is cloudy 43 percent of the days in July. Overall, about a quarter of the days in July are rainy. The temperature usually fluctuates between 16 and 27 °C.

Other dates in the 2022 Formula 1 calendar:
3 July 2022: Silverstone (Great Britain), 10th race of the season
July 10, 2022: Spielberg (Austria), 11th race of the season
July 24, 2022: Le Castellet (France), 12th race of the season
2022-07-31: Budapest (Hungary), 13th race of the season
August 28, 2022: Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), 14th race of the season
September 4, 2022: Zandvoort (Netherlands), 15th race of the season
September 11, 2022: Monza (Italy), 16th race of the season
09/25/2022: Still open, 17th race of the season
2022-10-02: Singapore (Singapore), 18th race of the season
2022-10-09: Suzuka (Japan), 19th race of the season
October 23, 2022: Austin (USA), 20th race of the season
2022-10-30: Mexico City (Mexico), 21st race of the season
November 13, 2022: Sao Paulo (Brazil), 22nd race of the season
2022-11-20: Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), 23rd race of the season

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