Sunbreak Demo Releases June 15th • Nintendo Connect

Sunbreak Demo Releases June 15th • Nintendo Connect

Updates: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Coming to Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2022. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned looking for a new challenge, every type of player is on the lookout! and also from 15th June 2022 a demo,

Check out the new Silkbinder Attack and the new Switch Art Swap feature! In addition, there are four quests that you are allowed to do. Once you feel ready, you can try Malzeno Advanced Find, which is designed to provide a satisfying challenge!

Original post on 13 June 2022

CAPCOM Showcase will air late in 2022 and, as expected, there will be a free demo version of CAPCOM. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak , our preview) Speak. This has also been confirmed by leaker Samus Hunter.

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