Customs exposes illegal work in central Saxony

Customs exposes illegal work in central Saxony

Central Saxony. Customs officials under the Financial Control of Undisclosed Work (FKS) of Chemnitz identified a total of 15 foreign persons without valid work permits during an audit by a wholesaler in the district of Central Saxony on 3 August. The main customs office responsible in Erfurt announced this on Tuesday.

According to customs spokesman Holger Giersberg, it is a beverage wholesaler from the Freiburg-Mitweda region. He did not provide any further details about the location or the company.

Customs spokesman Holger Giersberg said: “Outside the wholesaler, officials asked people working there about their employment relationships. 15 people were found working the sortie, most of whom could not identify themselves.” “Communication in German was not possible.”

Was the company responsible in the Mittweida-Freiberg area?

After checking the identity documents, he said that all 15 people are citizens of Ukraine. Some had identified themselves with fake ID cards from other EU member states. According to Customs, the Ukrainians were working for a Lithuanian temporary employment agency.

According to a customs spokesperson, it is not yet clear whether the company is responsible for the illegal employment. “Its investigation by FKS Chemnitz is still ongoing. For reasons of responsibility, persons suspected of being illegally resident in the Federal Republic of Germany were handed over to the State Police.”

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Citizens of Ukraine are allowed to stay in the Federal Republic of Germany for tourism purposes for up to 90 days without a visa. However, during this time they are not allowed to do any work. As soon as the job starts, the visa exemption expires and individuals remain in Germany without permission. “It justifies a criminal offense under the Residence Act,” Giersberg said.

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