Dangerous blizzard: possible in Germany too?

Dangerous blizzard: possible in Germany too?

– Marvin Kleckner

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The term blizzard is known only from the USA and Canada. But does destructive snow also occur here?

“Blizzard is plunging New York into ice” or “Blizzard is causing chaos in America”. Most of the time when we hear blizzards on the news, what does this have to do with weather glasses in North America.
However, if the current weather condition, which we tell you in the video above, is what it promises, the word blizzard may also come our way.

These criteria must be met for a blizzard

But when does blizzard become a blizzard? For this to happen, three criteria must be met. For one thing, there should be strong enthusiasm. At least one wind force must be obtained 7.
This requires heavy snowfall and drift; So strong that the visibility in blown snow is less than 400 meters. In addition, the ice drops must be continuous for at least three hours. If only one of the three criteria is not met, a blizzard cannot speak, but only a winter storm.

Blizzard especially in North America

Blizzards mainly originate in the northern plains of Canada and the United States. These include parts of the state of North and South Dakota as well as Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. In some cases, snow masses can also affect other areas, for example New York City.

Last year, a blizzard situation arose when it swept across eastern Canada:

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Hurricane low as starting position

To be a blizzard, a strong storm depression is needed as a starting point. Cold polar air flows over its back, causing a large drop in temperature. As a result, only the blizzard’s west and northwest, at least in the US, remain the true state of blizzard. On the other hand, warm air is carried south and southeast of the depression of the storm, causing heavy rainfall there.

This is why blizzards are so rare in Europe

While such weather conditions occur frequently in the United States, blizzards are rare in Europe. There are two major reasons for that.

1. Storm lows are too hot

On the one hand, the storm that comes here due to the stormy weather mostly comes from the Atlantic and due to the mild Atlantic water their goods have more heat than the cold air. This means that heavy rainfall occurs only in the form of rain from the sky and not as snow.

2. The Alps serve as “protective shields”

On the other hand, we have a different topography in Central Europe. The Alps prevent polar air from flowing directly over light sea breeze. Hot air is “held back” by the Alps. On the other hand, in the United States, there are no mountains parallel to the latitude, so that hot air can flow freely and collide with cold air.

Blizzard built for the winter of 78/79 century

But never says! Blizzards may also be possible here, for example in the winter of 19 ards be / when ९, when there was an almost unimaginable mass of snow. We summarized the pictures from behind in this video:

It remains to be seen whether the current weather conditions will turn into a blizzard. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on current warnings and rain radars, as current weather can sometimes endanger your life even without snowfall!

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